Ocean Beach Hardware is owner-operated in a family friendly environment for all of your Fire Island needs. Whether you are looking for small home appliances, BBQ’s, bait, fishing gear, or anything in between. Ocean Beach Hardware should be your first & only stop.

If you arrive on the ferry for the day or if you live on the island, Ocean Beach Hardware is just a step away. From sand bikes to kid’s cruisers - wagons, beach chairs, umbrellas & more. Ocean Beach Hardware carries every type of rental for all of your fire island adventures. OH - did we mention boogie boards, all this and more and Ocean Beach Hardware.


We feature Jamis and EVO bikes (with locks) – the best in the business. Adults trikes are a favorite also. New and used bikes are for sale also and the secret is, there’s plenty of cool bikes for everyone, so hustle on over to Ocean Beach Hardware for your bike, wagon, beach chair or umbrella rentals. Call us before you arrive and we’ll reserve whatever you need to make your day a perfect day of fun in the sun.

More supplies abound – need fishing bait? We have the selection you’ll need to reel in whatever you’re out to catch. We also have propane, great barbeques and grills on sale and of course all the hardware stuff for the islander who’s on a DYI mission, or just needs to do some fixing.


The main strip (Bay Walk, right) in the commercial district is practically a full time street festival. Shops, pubs and restaurants draw crowds in and the sun and salt air energize them. You’ll see children on the sidewalk selling hand painted seashells and other homemade treasures that are hard to resist.

The sidewalk medians are planted tall and wide with flowers and nobody bumps into you without apologizing (most of the time anyway). If you’ve never been to Ocean Beach before you’ll be amazed at the number of bicycles and wagons.

There’s even a wagon parking lot next to the ferry dock. Without cars wagons are the only way to carry stuff around and bicycles are the fastest way to get around. Also next to the ferry dock are public basketball courts, a recreation room with ping-pong tables, and the dockmaster’s office.

Make sure you bike around the island, not just the beach… not a long ride and you’ll see a lot of Fire Island. (Point O’Woods is a gated community so you’ll have to stop there.) Turn down any one of the sidewalks leading to the ocean and Ocean Beach instantly transforms from hustle and bustle to sea of tranquility.

You’ll hear little but birds, occasional laughter and the ringing of bicycle bells. Beautiful homes line the walks and very few people make the short walk to the ocean without muttering to themselves something about how much they’d like to live here. The recently rebuilt Ocean Beach community center is the largest building in the business district and is right on the bay. The center houses a theater for plays and movies, a courthouse and the Ocean Beach Historical Society.


Water Taxi

Use the Fire Island water taxi if you’re already on Fire Island. The water taxis usually run on a loose hourly schedule that varies depending what town you’re in and their work load. When you call they’ll ask where you are and how many people are with you. Then they’ll tell you how long before the next taxi. Sometimes you’ll have time for a martini, other times you’ll have to run like heck.


Take the ferry from the Bay Shore ferry terminal at the end of Maple Avenue (4th Ave.) in Bay Shore. Please see the Ocean Beach ferry schedule for details.

Private Boat

If you’re lucky enough to have your own boat then you can have a great time town hopping on Fire Island. At Ocean Beach there is a marina, but most of the slips are for private use. The 17 slips that are available for public use fill up fast and can get expensive if you’re planning an extended stay. Important Phone Numbers

Ocean Beach dockmaster - 631-583-5153

Fire Island Water Taxi – 631-665-8885

Fire island Ferries - 631-665-3600